Life Stories

We all interact and engage our world through story. Stories shape us, inspire us, and connect us. For Jesus followers, our stories are joined with Christ. The intersection of our stories and God's work in our lives is often called a "testimony." A "testimony" is about testifying to what Jesus has done in your story. Life Stories is a way for you to share your testimony with the community of believers at LifePoint.

Share Your Story

There are three ways that you can share your story: video testimony, written testimony, or in person testimony. If you feel compelled to share your story about what God has done, fill out the form below and indicate the medium you would prefer to use to share your story. For video testimony, Doug Conway, our Media Director, will follow up with you to schedule a time to record your story. For a written testimony, you can submit your written story by attaching it to the form. Your story will be read on an appropriate Sunday morning. If you would like to remain anonymous, you can indicate that on the form. For an in person testimony, Pastor Anthony will follow up with you to plan an opportunity for you to share in an upcoming service.