Back Ground

In 2015, Lifepoint launched a giving campaign that was intended to invest in the future. Part of that investment in future generations involved much needed building updates. In 2018, LifePoint completed an extensive remodel of our facilities. 

Remodel Loan

While the 2015 giving initiative raised some of the funds, LifePoint had to secure a loan. Our loan deadline is 2028. Currently, this loan is the only debt that LifePoint owes. We want to be free from the loan so that we can be free to give in radically generous ways.  


As of September 30, 2023, our loan balance is sitting at $385,211.

Our Goal 

We want to raise $250,000 in 2 years. That would bring our loan balance down to about $135,000. We have some savings on hand that we believe would allow us to knock out our loan by 2026. 

Our Vision

Why are pushing for this? We want to be debt free. But, not just because we want to be more financially secure as an organization. We want to be debt free so that we can be radically, ridiculously generous. We want to dream big and find excuses to be generous with our resources! 

We Can Do It!

We believe we can do this together. We also believe there is no amount too small. Whether you can give $1 or $1,000, we want to invite you to be a part of this initiative. We want to be Free to Give.