why we do what we do

Ordinary people are living ordinary lives of quiet desperation, and they are searching for more. It’s as if we have this appetite that is never fully satisfied. We always want “more.” We live as if there is something out there that will fulfill this emptiness. We live pursuing achievement, success, relationships, recognition, responsibilities, assuming it will fulfill this hunger that is inside of us.

Yet none of our appetites are ever fully satisfied. Many of us are dying a slow death – still looking for more. At LifePoint Church, we believe that we are made for more than this! And the “more” we are looking for is only found in life with Jesus.

The mission

Our mission is to point people to life with Jesus.
(John 10:10, Colossians 3:1-4, John 7:37-38)

Our hope

We know we’re making progress when more and more people are leaving death and coming to life. It’s about changed lives, families transformed, schools transformed, the city of Goshen transformed, generations changed for good, the cycle broken, and our community and church full of life!

Our network

We are affiliated with the Church of God with headquarters in Anderson, Indiana. It is a globally minded group of churches who are serious about the Great Commission to “Go” to all the world, seek unity among all Christians, and live lives of holiness by the power of the Holy Spirit. To find out more about the Church of God, go to

Vision and Values

As a church, we desire to be inwardly strong and outwardly focused. We are inwardly strong by growing and gathering. We are outwardly focused by going and giving!


Grow in life with Jesus which helps us grow into His likeness.


Gather together in worship, small groups, Bible studies, prayer times for mutual encouragement and accountability.


Go out to share the Good News of the extraordinary life available to anyone who would turn to Jesus and accept Him as Lord and Savior.


The life of Jesus stays vibrant and full as we give it away through the giving of our time, talents, and treasure.


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